PANEL DISCUSSION - The Invisible Cities

June 09, 2015


BOSI Contemporary is pleased to host Life of the City: Exploring the Evolution of the Urban Landscape,"a panel discussion organized on the occasion of the exhibition “The Invisible Cities,” curated by Giulia Trabaldo Togna, featuring works by Inas Al-soqi and Patrice A. Helmar.


In 1972 Italo Calvino identified a crisis in the contemporary city through the publication of Invisible Cities. In the collection of tales describing imaginary cities, a sense of conflict between the urban landscape and its inhabitants gradually rises and culminates in decadence. The panel attempts to contextualize Calvino’s analysis and relate it to contemporary issues of gentrification and urban development. Drawing on one side from the field of Urbanism and the challenges it faces today, and on the other side from the field of Literature and the solutions it offers, the discussion aims to explore the impact that a dialogue between architecture and narrative could have on the urban crisis.


Moderated by: Curator Giulia Trabaldo Togna.

Panelist: Robert Beauregard (Professor of Urban Planning at Columbia university); Rosalie Genevro (Executive Director of the Architectural League of NY); Aleksandr Mergold (Architect, Assistant Professor at Cornell University, and a founding partner of the firm Astin+Mergold LLC); and Eugenia Paulicelli (Professor of Italian, Comparative Literature, and Women's Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center). - LINK


February 12, 2015  -  February 12, 2015


BOSI Contemporary is pleased to host Miss Mannered: Archival Affect, Queer Props, and Behavior Preparedness, a panel discussion organized on the occasion of the solo exhibition Etiquette Kit, featuring work by Anna Campbell.


How is queerness inscribed in objects and images?  How do historical fragments and appropriated forms summon or reconstruct absent and erased bodies?


Located at the convergence of public gender, flamboyant minimalism, and the legacy of lesbian feminism, this panel will unpack issues surrounding the politics of queer representation, the possibilities of reading desire and drag through material form, and the pleasures of mining archives and other sites of aggregated histories, with Campbell’s most recent body of work serving as the point of departure. Panelists will include Deborah Bright, internationally exhibited photographer, editor of The Passionate Camera: photography and bodies of desire, and Chair of Fine Arts Department at Pratt Institute; and Joshua Lubin-Levy, writer, dramaturg, and curator of Ephemera as Evidence at La Mama Galleria, and the performance series and publication of Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public.


PANEL: 7 - 9 PM - LINK

Thinking of Photographs: A Roundtable Discussion

December 16, 2014  -  December 16, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to welcome you to the panel discussion organized on the occasion of the exhibition "No Greater Fiction" curated by Ágnes Berecz, featuring works by Manal Abu-Shaheen, Peter Baker, Felix R. Cid, Sarah Muehlbauer, Yorgos Prinos, Hrvoje Slovenc, and Monika Sziládi, currently on view at the gallery.


How can we think of the practice and politics of photography today, after the digital turn and the rise of new formalism? Held in conjunction with the current exhibition, No Greater Fiction, the roundtable discussion will offer an in-depth look at the works on view and explore the shifting role of the medium as a documentary and narrative device. Participants include Mitra Abbaspour, Associate Curator of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art and Hrag Vartanian, Editor-in-chief and Co-founder of Hyperallergic, as well as the moderator Ágnes Berecz, the curator of the exhibition. The artists will also be in attendance.


PANEL: 7 - 9 PM - LINK


November 13, 2014  -  November 13, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to host The Rema Hort Mann Foundation "Buy What You Love" annual benefit.


The auction-style event will exhibit over 200 works on paper by local and International emerging and established artists for sale to benefit the foundation's ongoing grant programs. All the works are exhibited anonymously, encouraging viewers and collectors to buy what they love, not based on who the artist is. Whether you are a seasoned collector, new collector, or artist, don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to find a work of art that you can truly fall in love with!


The Rema Hort Mann Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit foundation that supports emerging artists and cancer patients through its two unique grant programs since 1995. - LINK


October 02, 2014  -  October 02, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to welcome you to the panel discussion organized on the occasion of the exhibition "in, side - throughout" curated by Naomi Lev, featuring works by Aimée Burg, Tamar Ettun and Mónika Sziládi, currently on view at the gallery.


How do our bodies engage with objects? What is the role of the object in an exhibition, and how does the body differ from an object in performative environments?


This unique body-object relationship will be explored by three cultural producers: Jovana Stokic, Jennifer Krasinski, and Lydia Bell. Utilizing their background and expertise as a point of departure, the panelists will address the notion of the “body” from an eye of an art historian, an art critic, and a dance curator referencing past and present performance, sculpture, and dance works. The “object” will be addressed in its performative aspect as a humanized entity with a life of its own. The discussion will evolve into the realm of feminism exploring the role of women artists, writers, and curators from a historical perspective, while defining the various characteristics of feminism today.


Moderated by: Curator and Writer Naomi Lev.

Panelists: Jovana Stokic (Art historian and Curator, Deputy Chair, MA Curatorial Practice at the School of Visual Arts, NYC); Jennifer Krasinski (Writer and Art Critic); Lydia Bell (Curator, Director of Programming at Artis)


PANEL: 7 - 9 PM

  - LINK

TIME - Largo Baracche Project at BOSI PROJECT ROOM

September 07, 2014  -  September 27, 2014



Largo Baracche Project in collaboration with BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present Time, a group exhibition curated by Giuseppe Ruffo and Pietro Tatafiore featuring works by: Maria Giovanna Ambrosone,Choi Jaeyong, Dean Dempsey, Erika Harrsch, Anthony Hawley, Arturo Ianniello, Marta Jovanovic, Corrado La Mattina, Francesca Magnani.


Time is the dimension where the flow of events is measured and perceived. Its notion is in direct relation to the flux, continuity and duration of an occurrence, allowing us to define past, present and future.


This group exhibition at BOSI Contemporary puts into question the value of art. Can art change the future? Is there any difference between past, present, and future? Is there a “cynical” time? Can time fix errors? What about horrors?


Opening reception September 7th 6 - 9 pm.


  - LINK

RED HOT - Thomas Knights

September 03, 2014  -  September 14, 2014



RED HOT, the groundbreaking stills and video exhibition by Thomas Knights that celebrates red-haired male beauty is launching in New York City in September 2014. Alongside the exhibition is the launch of RED HOT 100, a new large scale coffee table book that showcases the hottest red headed guys from all over the world including Olympic gold medallists, actors and top models, as well as a 2015 calendar.


Following the explosive success of the initial launch in London in 2013, the RED HOT exhibition will take place in NYC from 3rd - 14th September at the Bosi Contemporary Gallery in Lower Manhattan.  - LINK

UNCONSCIOUS LENS - curated by Roya Sachs

August 27, 2014  -  August 30, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of Unconscious Lens, a group exhibition curated by Roya Sachs, featuring works by New York based artists Najib Aschrafzai, Rosanna Bach, Mike Fernandez, Gabriele Giugni, Alison Nguyen, and Anh Thuy Nguyen.

The show revolves around Freud’s theory of the Unconscious – the source of our most instinctual desires that are repressed and released in our dreams. Each artist attempts to explore the different realms of the Unconscious and Conscious world, by demonstrating the different visions, techniques, and concepts of their optical lens. - LINK

BEHIND THE BOOK - End of Year Exhibition

June 17, 2014  -  June 17, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to host Behind the Book’s end of year event showcasing adolescent artwork from their innovative school programs. BtB is a non-profit organization based in New York City that connects young readers to contemporary writers and illustrators. They bring authors and their books into individual classrooms to build literacy skills and create a community of life-long readers, writers, and illustrators.


BOSI is proud to partner with an institution dedicated to childhood education and literacy. Providing a space for their accomplishments to be celebrated, completed materials from the 2013-2014 school year will be displayed throughout the gallery. Books, binders, pictures, and stories will transform the space into an enchanting playground of accomplishments in which students, teachers, and authors can rejoice. - LINK


June 04, 2014  -  June 14, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to announce The Absorbed Tradition an exhibition of 13 new large-scale works by Erik Madigan Heck, created during the early months of 2014. The images include landscape, portraiture and fashion-based photographs, which highlight the artist’s continuous interest in abstracting and reshaping the history of photography into a new hybrid form, while formally paying homage to the established medium. - LINK


May 08, 2014  -  May 11, 2014



BOSI Contemporary at Downtown Fair - BOOT DT 17

  - LINK

THE STADIUM - Jon Plasse

April 09, 2014  -  April 19, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present The Stadium by Jon Plasse, a debut exhibition in New York City, featuring photographs of the original Yankee Stadium. The show’s emotionally charged images highlight Plasse’s frequent visits to Yankee Stadium in the last years of its existence and its demolition in 2009. Plasse returned to the site to photograph the current baseball diamonds that rest in the shadows of the new Yankee Stadium in 2013. The Stadium is a fitting tribute to one of baseball’s most storied icons, and the opening of the exhibition corresponds with the beginning of the 2014 baseball season.

Opening Reception: Wednesday April 9, 6-9pm - LINK


February 05, 2014  -  February 05, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to host the book launch and panel discussion organized on the occasion of the exhibition Republika and the launch of Marta Jovanovic’s first artist’s book “Performing the Self” written by Kathy Battista. 


The book follows Jovanovic’s works in the past four years and deals with urging topics as identity, beauty, and sexuality while revealing a personal history that embarks on the artist’s roots and memories. 


The panel addressed issues raised in the book and focussed on performance art in the 21st Century, the role of the female body as material in historical performance art and its relation to the history of feminism, and will explore the difference between the performative event and the documentation of it, as works of art. 


Moderated by: Curator and writer Naomi Lev.

Panelists: Kathy Battista, Curator and Writer, Director of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institure of Art, New York; Kathleen Madden, Art Historian, Cuartor, Writer, and Editor; Marta Jovanović, Performance Artist - LINK

LOVE IN THE 21st CENTURY - Estonian Lithography Center

January 15, 2014  -  January 25, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to announce Love in the 21st Century, an exhibition organized by the Estonian Lithography Center and in collaboration with the Consulate General of Estonia in New York, presenting unique lithographic prints created by eleven renowned Estonian contemporary artists: Kadri Alesmaa, Peeter Allik, Toomas Altnurme, Merike Estna, Kadri Kangilaski, Laurentsius, Marko Mäetamm, Mall Nukke, Reiu Tüür, Jaak Visnap, and Jasper Zoova.  - LINK

PANEL DISCUSSION - The Missing Link in Italian Post-War Art: Salvatore Emblema

December 11, 2013  -  December 11, 2013



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to host the panel discussion organized on the occasion of the exhibition Salvatore Emblema: Transparency, on view at the gallery from November 14, 2013 to January 11, 2014.


The discussion will present Emblema’s artistic development and emphasize his relationship to Italian Post-War art movements, as well as aspects of his unique personality. The panelists will also explore Emblema’s position in the current American art market, particularly in relation to his upcoming Catalogue Raisonné written by prominent Italian art historian Luciano Caramel.


Moderated by: Curator and Writer Naomi Lev.

Panelists: Amnon Barzel (Independent Curator and Art Historian); Renato Miracco, Art Critic, Curator and Cultural Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C.); Véronique Chagnon-Burke (Academic Director at Christie’s Education in New York); Alma Ruiz (Senior Curator at MOCA, Los Angeles). - LINK

50 GRAMS -ELIZABETH JORDAN Curated by Manish Vora

June 20, 2013  -  June 30, 2014



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present 50 Grams, a solo exhibition by artist Elizabeth Jordan. This symbolic and powerful exhibition features photographs taken in Russia, and is intended to offer Jordan’s personal view into the country’s culture, its traditions, textures, faces and landmarks.  - LINK


November 10, 2012  -  November 10, 2012



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to host the panel discussion organized on the occasion of the exhibition SOTO UNEARTHED: A 1968 Film and Selected Early Works, on view at the gallery through December 2nd.


In 2009, BOSI Contemporary owner, Sandro Bosi, was in Europe conducting extensive research on the provenance of a piece by Venezuelan kinetic artist, Jesús Rafael Soto. In that process, he came upon an extremely rare film of the artist in the Italian film archive, Cineteca Nazionale.  SOTO (1968) by Vittorio Armentano, presented as a part of the exhibition, is the focal point around which the panel discussion will evolve. SOTO is an explication of the artist's connection to sound, space and movement. In the film, Soto provides both lyrical and literal explanations of the conceptual frame that he was working in at the time: above all, the interactive nature of his work. 


Panelists: Ágnes Berecz (AssisVisiting Assistant Professor of the History of Art and Design, Pratt Institute); Ariel Jiménez (Independent Curator and Art Historian in Contemporary Latin-American Art); Sean Nesselrode (PDF candidate at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU), Alma Ruiz (Senior Curator at MOCA LA). - LINK