curated by Roya Sachs

Mar 25, 2015 - Apr 25, 2015

Marta Jovanović
Michelle Jaffé
Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos

BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present, Come to Bed!, a group exhibition curated by Roya Sachs featuring the works of three female artists, Michelle Jaffé, Marta Jovanović and Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos.


Come To Bed! explores the theme of communication in the sphere of the bed, a lieu that hosts a third of our lives. The all female show focuses on three sectors of communication that bring to play the different usages of the bed, from pillow talk, and self reflection, to technology with our need to stay connected. The installations reorient ideas of time and space, by recreating the most intimate space of all, but in a gallery. By inviting three artists to each create their own intimate environment; we bring to life questions about the individual and the way in which we occupy the space.


Performance artist Marta Jovanović’s Pillow Talk, is a long duration performance – lasting the entirety of the show, in which audience members are invited to get into bed with the artist, and have a one on one pillow talk with Jovanović about whatever their heart desires, for however long they choose. The concept alludes to the intimate secrecy that is shared during the act, but also referring to the ideas of revelation, as well as losing grip on reality. During the gallery hours when audience members are not in her bed, Jovanović continues her normal rhythm of life, working, eating, reading and watching TV in bed, all within the gallery space.


Visual artist Michelle Jaffé’s installation invites audience members to lie on her bed and put on one of three headphones that are strewn across it. The viewer is then able to hear the artist’s thoughts that have been recorded but not scripted. This installation relates to the idea of self-reflection that occurs when one is lying in bed, thinking about a specific event, person, place or thing. This drifting of thoughts that invites our unconscious to open, is the realm in which Jaffé invites the listener to learn about her. A series of paper works focusing on the sound frequencies of the recording are also on display, replicating the frenzied thoughts of the mind.


Media artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos’ abstract installation focuses on the theme of technology and media in the sphere of ones bed. Her installation "...No more..." entails a large human sized neon sign above the bed saying #SLEEP. It is overpowering and enveloping with its bright light preventing the individual from sleeping and referring to the constant invasive stream of social media and technology. Several other neon signs are dotted across the wall, referring to phrases and signs of our youth's popular culture, focusing mainly on communication in social media. This also refers to the new generation’s addiction to communicate through technology, in every forum and place of life.